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At Cahaba Truck, we have partnered with railroads, contractors and other suppliers across the nation to satisfy the demands of our customers. We believe delivering cost effective solutions and incorporating innovative designs and functionality are best achieved by developing a true partnership with each individual customer. Here, we use our experience in developing solutions that have been proven in the field, integrating the best and most cost-effective technology into a lower-cost, higher-value product.

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Located on just over 12 acres in South Tuscaloosa, we are eager to begin new custom design projects and we thrive on developing innovative, productivity enhancing solutions for our customers. We have recently constructed a 20,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, that includes 10 service bays, 72 feet of rail that runs through our shop floor, a 10-ton crane that spans the entire shop in every direction, and many other new pieces of machinery that will enable us to meet your company’s every need. In addition, our experienced technicians have received installation and service training certificates from all of our Hi-Rail vendors.